Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th

This weekend brought another wonderful and fun weekend at Compass lake. Full of sunshine and fun. It certainly gets easier as Collier gets older and is interested in the lake. He is getting there and since he loves nothing more than being outside, it really is a perfect place to be. He is getting more and more comfortable around the water but not 100% there yet. He mostly loves to float in his float, usually kicked back with his feet propped up (just like his daddy likes to be). Although this trip he actually liked his feet through the holes and being able to feel the sand. He doesn't like to stand up without a float, even holding my hand, he just feels off balance and doesn't seem to like it too much! He loves boat rides and especially swinging on the front porch!

Our Newest Facial Expression

Justin put together one of Collier's birthday presents....a wagon! Oh boy, look out we may have a new favorite at the lake. This wagon is amazing - it can be a bench, wagon with seats and seat belts or just a flat wagon inside, includes an umbrella, sippie cup holder and even a cooler - it does everything except pull itself. He LOVES IT! Thank you Popoo and Nunny...As you can tell he and Ashlyn loved every minute of it. Dad even got in on the fun and made it even more exciting!

Even though the lawnmower is a little on the red-neck side it is much easier than pulling two children in the wagon up and down that stink'n hill a kazillion times.

How cute are they in their PJ's?

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Amy Kennedy said...

They are going to have so much fun growing up together. Your niece favors you-she is adorable and Collier is the CUTEST little thing I've ever seen!