Monday, July 12, 2010

He's Back!

Thursday Mom and Dad returned Collier to us. We were so glad to have him back home, although I will admit that Justin and I enjoyed our time together and the slower pace that having no children provides. The house was very quite (almost too quite), but we were able to eat late, eat out with friends and even do a little exercising together. Since it was a little unexpected that he would stay with them, I felt a little guilty at first that they would have so much responsibility with him and that I would have none for a few days....but I ended up really enjoying the time with just Justin! On the other hand, Thursday afternoon couldn't come quick enough for me to get my hands and lips on that little monkey.
Our weekend was a little to short, why can't we have a full 3 day weekend every week? I think a work week should be Monday - Thursday to always give us a full weekend! Anyway... It was scorching hot all weekend which makes playing outside a little hard. Collier loves to be outside and doesn't care at all how hot it is or how many mosquitoes nipple at his sweet skin! I realized that we need more outside toys and activities (open for good suggestions from you experienced moms). We cooked out on Saturday night with some friends and were VERY lazy on Sunday! We did make it to the praise service last night and it was wonderful and Collier did good in the nursery -this was our first Sunday at church in several weeks since we have been out of town so much.
This week Collier figured out how to PULL little puppy dog....up 'till now we pull puppy dog and he will follow. But he is thrilled to have puppy dog follow him now. We are too!!!
Glad to have a relaxing weekend....nothing exciting but so very glad to be in town for a change!!

He found some beads and played with them for at least an hour! On and off.. on and off.. on and off! The simplest things can be so entertaining!

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