Friday, July 16, 2010

McWane Center

Yesterday, we joined Bridges and Grace Ann at the McWane Center for our first visit ever! It was really a lot of fun (great for activities OUT of the heat). At first he was very overwhelmed and just stood staring at all of the kids running in circles around him. He warmed up and after a little while was off to the races with the rest...well in true Collier fashion. He loved the car to drive (stationary) and stayed in it for a long time. I think that he liked the freedom of walking around to the various things. He didn't care about Mr. Potato head but it is a very neat exhibit area. Also he LOVED the light-brite! He pulled those pegs out as fast as his little arms would move...which meant that I was having to move just as fast to put them back in! Too funny. After about an hour and half, he walked straight to the stroller and tried to climb in and I knew that he was fading fast. So we went and saw the aquarium area and then off to the "Just Mice Size" play area where he loved playing on a huge water table and then climbing through a fort! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

On a totally different note, I had some major job changes this week. I always feel like I change jobs every year and I HATE going through job searches - it is hard and frustrating process. I have been selling software for the past 7 months and enjoyed doing it. The company I worked for was a small business and there were several factors that resulted in a change in my pay. Due to those changes I needed to find something else and so I started putting my resume out and asking around. My boss from the job that I was at before this one, called me and asked if I would be interested in coming back. I had a few request that he agree'd to and so I've accepted. I'm gong back to ETG - I am very excited and looking forward to it. I loved working with them before and was very sad when I left (I left because they were doing away with the position I was in at that time) I was with them for four years when I left last year and I am hoping that this will last that long (or longer) again! I'll be doing various things but I am mostly glad to be back in that environment as well as only working fourdays instead of five. I have some feelings of failure, because I really did want to succeed in sales. When I was hired I was very clear that I didn't have any experience and needed guidance, training, mentoring and that just wasn't provided enough. I really enjoyed selling the product and love meeting with Physician's and Practice Managers, but in the end I guess it just wasn't where I am supposed to be. I know that there is some reason for everything and all works together for God's purpose! I am so excited about being back at ETG though! I start Monday!
Have a great weekend!

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