Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake and Work

We continue our summer long routine of living out of our suitcase...we went back to Compass lake last weekend. It ended up being Justin and me with Collier and Mom and Dad. It was SOOOO low key and relaxing. We spent some time swimming, relaxing, napping, eating juicy, yummy watermelon, boating and even painting. Yep that is painting. I wanted to try and paint something REALLY easy for my new work office and little did I know that I would spur the creative side of my husband brain. He joined in on the fun and painted an actual scene..I was very well impressed at his art skills. I on the other hand can hardly paint or draw a straight line much less anything else! Hopefully Collier will get some of his Daddy's artistic ability along with his smarts as well....we already know that he has gotten his good looks!

Back to our weekend. Having the lake house is really amazing and it lends itself to the wonderful opportunity of gathering friends and family for a wonderful time of making special and lifelong memories. I love being there and having wonderful people around and enjoying such an amazing place. I invited two different families to join us this past weekend and neither could make it....I hated that they couldn't but on the other hand it was quite a surprise of how easy and relaxing it was. I always think 'the more the merrier' and I still believe that but every now and then 'less is more' can also be very satisfying to the soul!


This is my second week back at ETG. I am really glad to be back, there is just a level of comfort being at ETG, it feels like a work family. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about. I was with ETG for four years before I left last November....but I am now back. Doing some of the same stuff and some new stuff, but I am just glad to be working for and with people that I respect and enjoy being around. I do miss being at home as much as I was and not seeing Justin as much although I think that he is glad to have his quite space back during the days! The other thing that I am VERY excited about is that I am only working a 4 day week! Which means that I will have a 3 day weekend and I am just THRILLED about that!

I'll be back to share a yummy recipe soon....I think I'm going to go and crawl in the bed, even though I have clothes that need to be folded and a dining room table that needs to be cleaned off - they will be there tomorrow for me to do....

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