Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Emory

Last weekend {before the ice storm} we went to Atlanta to visit Justin's brother and his wife!  They welcomed their first little baby on New Year's Eve...Baby Emory Louise arrived at 11:00pm.  She is perfect and simply beautiful.  Adjusting to being parents for the first time is so overwhelming and hard to take in.  So much change so quick, even though we do have 9 months to prepare it is still a bit of a shock when it actually happens.  But these two new parents are doing awesome!  I loved to see Ryan look at that sweet baby and smile.  You just can't help it; the love that over flows at looking at your own child is just something that is mind-boggeling! Really words don't describe it.

We were glad to meet that sweet baby girl and I wish that I could have brought her home with me.  She is doing great and sleeping good for Mommy and Daddy.   Collier really didn't pay her any attention.  Once she is a little older and certainly once she gets on the move it will probably be a whole new story.  Collier now has three GIRL cousin's, which should make for very interesting family gatherings as we get older! 

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