Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catch up

I am curious, is anyone else doing Beth Moore's memory verses this year?  My mom is also doing it, but was wondering if any of you are participating?  Plus I think it would be loads of fun to attend her meeting next January with a group of friends {and family..Mom}.

Last week, Collier was invited to the sweetest birthday party ever...Ms. Hayes turned 2 and it was really so much fun.  Mother Goose came and entertained with songs and dancing.  Collier did really well with her, I wasn't really sure how he would do but he participated better than I thought that he would.  Amy and Nathan did a great job in making it so special for Hayes and fun for everyone else! 

Friday, Mom kept collier for a little while and I used a gift card that Justin had won to get a massage.  Boy was it needed and I was really glad that I took the time to get all of the knots of steel worked out of my neck.  When the massage therapist feels bad for you, you know its bad.  I carry all of  my stress in my shoulders and neck area.  After an hour of just working shoulder, neck and back I was feeling much better.  I love a good massage!

I had a first on Friday afternoon. Collier wanted to outside and for some reason I couldn't get warm and needed a few minutes to warm up inside. So, I sent Collier out into the back yard with Brinkley.  Alone.   He played out there with her for about 30 minutes. I have tried this before and he just wants someone out there with him, who can blame him. But as I sat and watched him {in the warm house} playing outside I had very mixed emotions. A little bit of guilt for not being outside to play and soak up every second that I have with this sweet precious child but also a little bit of relief of independent playing on his behalf. Do you know what I mean? In reading the book 'Parenting by the Book' John Rosemond talks about the stage in a child's life when the parents need to STOP doing everything (serving) for the child and let the child learn independence and even responsibility...Transitioning from the 'season of servicing' to the 'season of leadership and authority'.  It was hard but rewarding to see him being so content outside without me right beside him. 
In case you don't know....we do have a fenced in backyard and I watched through the window the entire time! 

Saturday we had some more time outside {me too this time} and it was so much fun. He has learned how to jump, with both feet. I have a slightly raised flowerbed that he realized that he could jump off of. It was really so funny watching him jump and fall and get right back up and do it again. Watching as he would get his balance and stand right on the edge (the drop is about 4 inches) trying to get both of his feet off of the ground as he jumped off. It was very funny. He loves to throw the ball with Brinkley, too bad she doesn't exactly mind when it comes to playing with the tennis balls. She is very obsessive with it and at times a little rough with Collier. He doesn't seem to care - unless she knocks him down and then he is NOT happy. But I do LOVE to see them play together. Since it was a little warmer, Collier also got to swing and he just loves his time in the swing.  He really is becoming such a big boy and I love watching him develop and grow and learn and explore.  It is truly a joy of being a mom and there is nothing that is as good as being a mom!

Sunday was good, we didn't make it to church like we had planned.  Maybe that was good because Collier has developed a small cough and we want to be extra sure that it doesn't get worse.  Dad and Justin worked in the kitchen hanging shelves on Sunday afternoon.  We are so close to getting our kitchen completed.  We basically just need to decide on counter tops and we're set.  I didn't really know that process would be as difficult as it has been - so many options!  I really hope to at least have a decision on which direction we are going to go in by the end of this week.  Dad and Justin did great putting up the shelves and I can not wait to organize and figure out what I going to put on them.  We may actually get our guest bed back soon....right now it is COVERED with cookbooks and kitchen stuff that has been there since October when we started working on this kitchen.  I will eventually do a before and after of the kitchen.  I can't wait to have it completed. 

Because of Collier's cough and runny nose I decided not to take him to bible study last night.  Mom called me around 4:15 and said that she had put him down at 3:00 for a nap and he was still asleep.  So I went to Mom's so that she could get to bible study.  Well 7:00 rolled around and he was still asleep.  I went up to check (three different times) on him and he stirred but never really woke up.  Poor little man, he must be trying to sleep of whatever it is that has crept into his little system.  I am just praying that God will make him feel all better.  I ended up leaving him with Mom and Dad for the night.  {feeling slightly guilty again} but also knowing that it would be better to let him sleep it off rather than waking him up and him crying the entire time...which has happened before.  The saying "Don't wake a sleeping baby" does have real meaning.  I just talked to Mom and Collier finally woke up at 5:30am with a little coughing and no runny nose.  Sleeping is sometimes the very BEST medicine...in Collier's case 14 hours worth.  I am so thankful to have Mom and Dad here in town and so close to us, and especially that Mom is willing, wanting and able to keep Collier for me as I work.  It is such a true blessing and I appreciate it so much.  Mom and Dad - THANK YOU FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  You are so much appreciated for all of your time and love that you pour out to Collier and us!  love you!

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Amy Kennedy said...

It was so fun seeing y'all last week! Collier is soooo cute Shannon. Love him and all his little pictures. So glad he is feeling better- how in the world did he sleep that long?!! Hope y'all have a great week-and I like your new header. The verse was encouraging to me on this no-nap but exhausted afternoon. Love you.