Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and Ice

 As I type this it is snowing again - tiny little flakes.  Sweet snow!  We love it and just simply don't get it often enough.  Weather was predicted for us to get 3-6 inches of snow Sunday night into early Monday morning.  We were thrilled.  Justin pulled out all of his snow gear and split all of our firewood to be sure that we were well stocked, we were certainly prepared.  The sleet began Sunday evening but it never actually turned to snow and soooo we ended up with a lot of ice.  Ice covered everything and it was very slick - not quite as much fun as the snow idea.  Don't work or work from home was the plan on Monday due to all of the ice and dangerous road conditions!  By Monday afternoon we had cabin fever and needed to get a busy little toddler OUT of the house.  We ventured out for a little while into the cold, brrr!  Our neighbor's kids were sledding  down every hill they could find,  Collier loved watching them and then wanted in on the action.  We let him ride it..well I just pushed him across the yard.  He didn't exactly want to get off but the older girls were gracious enough to take a break for him to ride.  Mrs. Sommer took him down the hill on the sled.  I'm not sure if he liked it or not, he didn't cry just wanted Mommy when he got off!  Sort of funny.  I didn't have my camera, so no pictures of all the sledding fun.  We also spent some time in the back yard with Brinkely and Collier thought it was really funny that Brinkley would eat the ice.  One of our neighbors taught him to ball up the ice and throw it...He of course liked that! 

Collier clearly didn't like Justin putting his ski goggles on him....

It took Justin quite a bit of time to get all of the ice off my windshield.  It is still caked on the sides of my car

I loved this....a perfect ice mold of the leaves

We really wished we had more snow and a little less ice...maybe next time.
Tuesday brought more of the same.....patches of tiny snow flurries, freezing temperatures and very little sunshine.  The roads were much better and at least drivable.  I stayed at home and got a bit of work done and ended up keeping Collier with me all day.  I had planned to take him to Mom's for a few hours but just didn't feel like getting in the car.  Although we did make a quick pit stop at Mom's and then went to the grocery late in the afternoon but that was partly because we needed to just get out of the house for a little while.  Justin has kept a constant and perfect fire for the past several days and I am happy to have a man who is so dedicated and good at building fires.  I love it!! Collier and Brink have had their share of enjoying it as well.  Bad news is that we're low on firewood and tonight the low is somewhere around 14!

Today I am back to work and I am missing both of my men.  I have so much enjoyed the extra time at home with them!  Even though the ice is working hard to melt and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds, I have seen more snow flurries today than the past three days...strange!  But, it has officially stopped snowing and I do see rays of sun shining through the tree's outside my office.  Back to a normal schedule and routine. 

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