Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Dids and Did Nots

I did spend the weekend with my sweet little munchkin - who is thankfully doing and feeling better.  We did end up going to the Doctor last week (Thursday) because of his cough, but the Doctor said nothing was of concern and that he felt it was sinus.
I did not have my husband here - instead he went hunting.  I did miss him and am very glad to have him home.

I did get laundry started
I did not get the laundry folded - and after Justin got home and unpacked our dirty clothes basket is full again and it looks like I didn't do laundry at all....except the two full baskets of clean clothes waiting to be folded.  I surrender!  It impossible to get caught up.

I did watch Toy Story 3 (at last) - I did this Friday night since Collier went to bed so early and I didn't feel like doing all that I 'needed' to get done.  I did what I WANTED to do instead.  Veg on the couch and watch Toy Story.
I didn't get the laundry folded :)

Eating the sticker we got from the birthday party....

I did attend a birthday party - Collier and I did...It was a Handy Many Birthday party for Jackson and it was so much fun.  It was perfect for CH plus it tired him out and got him good and ready for his afternoon nap!
I didn't take a nap like I wanted while he was napping...In stead

I did start painting my last two cabinet door's - One needs just one more coat and I can say I am ALMOST done and ALMOST really excited...except
I didn't get a counter top decided on - that should actually read WE didn't. 

I did make two bib's this weekend - All of the bibs that I have are just not big enough to cover the area of destruction that CH creates when he eats.  Well come to think of it these bib's won't either because frankly I would need a sheet sized bib to cover the mess that he makes.  But these are bigger than what he has and I think that they turned out cute.  I plan to make more!

I did vacuum -Collier and I vacuumed TWICE this weekend.  He loves it and I have decided that I should do this at least twice a week to get Brinkley's hair and Collier's crumbs up off the floor!

I also got a little bit of time with Lindsey - She came to visit with Collier and I and I was so glad to have some time to catch up and much as you can with a wild and crazy toddler.

I did love the weather - we had awesome and beautiful weather - highs in the low - mid 60's and lows in the upper 40's.  Friday CH and I went to the park and let him run off some energy.  We spent a lot of the weekend outside in the back yard; throwing the ball with Brinkley, hitting the baseball, jumping, digging in the dirt, swinging and we even at lunch outside. 

learning to sit on our knee's

I didn't want the weekend to end. 

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Crazy Lady said...

great post. so did you cry in toy story 3? i did

and i'm in constant battle with my laundry