Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are studying James this semester in CBS.  This weeks lesson was on our tongue and the power that our words have.  According to James 3, our words are evil and cause destruction and will corrupt our entire body.  Kelly (She is our CBS leader and is the greatest bible teacher that I know, she is amazing and teaches in a way that always seems to speak to me) had a few very good points last night that really caught my attention {with some of my added understanding}:
  • Once we speak a harsh or unkind word, it is out and we can never take it back.  Thankfully we have a merciful God who will forgive if we can identify and confess our sins.  But think of the hurt that you may cause another.  There are times that we must turn our thoughts toward Godly things instead of our own situation.  If we are allowing God to be in control, including our words, then we can know that we will reflect Him - pure, peace-loving and gentle - instead of our own wicked ways. 
  • It is not just words that we speak, but also our thoughts...they are just as bad even if we don't say it out loud - We must 'take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ' 2Cor.10:5b.  Sometime I think an ugly thought and quickly question myself of why I would even think such a thing, I must immediately ask God for forgiveness and allow Him to fill my thoughts and especially my heart!
  • What we speak is just an overflow of the heart.  Kelly likes to remind us that we often time use cover words such as 'hurt feelings', 'upset', 'frustrated' that if we get to the bottom of we will see that it is anger.  Anger is a sin that will fester and grow inside of us - it is strictly from Satan.  When something happens and the anger rises in us it just spills right out of our mouth.  We must identify the anger, repent of it and surrender to God that we want His thoughts to be our thoughts.   One thing that jumped out at me was she said that no one can make us angry, it is what is already in our heart!!! YIKES. 
The funny thing is that we covered this same lesson just a few months ago in 1 Peter!  Don't you love when God wants to drive home a point to you?  :)  

I am personally trying to improve with the words that I speak and even more how I speak the words that I do say.  I work with some people who are not believers and I think of my reaction to certain situations and know that if God were fully in control I would have a different/better response.  I want to be different and sometimes I just react and follow in the ways that others are.  I also am paying close attention to my words and actions as a wife and mom.  To be less selfish and more aware of the needs of my men.   God gives us forgiveness, mercy, love, peace, comfort and the list goes on and on....the very least that I can do is to turn around and give all of this to others...but especially my family. 

Father God, please forgive me for the unkind and evil thoughts that are in my heart and mind.  Fill me with your ways so that I am a better reflection of You.  I yearn to be completely inside of Your will, keeping my eyes straight on Your path; guide me Father.   I want to live a life that is pleasing to You so that I may be a light in the darkness of this world and I can only do this with Your help.  I fall short every day, but take comfort that You are my source.  Thank you God for being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Even when I am not faithful You are, praise be to You.  In Christ Jesus.  Amen. 

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