Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Love

Its Valentines day the weather is just beautiful {drive with your windows down kind of day} which makes it difficult to share with you the snow pictures from last week.  So, I'm going to wait to share those.  I always have the best intentions of updating and posting on Fridays and I never seem to do it!

I have very mixed emotions about Valentines day.  Who doesn't love a day of love?  But then again, why do we need to wait for a specific day to share that love?  I do get a little excited about the possibility of romance with some time with my hubby, but I also feel that this is sort of a Hallmark holiday!  Either way, I hope that your day is filled with love and hugs and kisses from the ones that you love!

Speaking of love, I know I have shared my story of Justin a few times.  But this weekend we went to Dothan for Justin to play in a fun Alumni Baseball game.  A group of guys that played baseball in high school all got together for a reunion game!  They played it at the high school baseball field.  Justin was a little nervous about getting hurt - after all it has been 16 years since he was in his prime on that baseball field.  It was funny driving up to the high school - I haven't actually been back since I graduated -  after all of these years and I was still taken back to when we were there.  I was so smitten with Justin and thought the world of him and just loved when he was around.  He always made me laugh and I just adored him.  Funny thing is that when I think back to that time and those feelings, they are still so fresh in me today.  He still makes me laugh, I still adore him, I love being with him {really don't like it when he is out of town} and I am still smitten with him!  I love that I get to call him my husband!

Then there is a little mini-Justin (or mini-me depending on who you talk to) that has stolen my heart as well!  He is adorable, loving and mine! He also makes me laugh and I can't seem to get enough of him!  Collier had more fun at the ballgame than I would have expected...dirt, rocks, balls and more dirt..what more could a little boy ask for?  By the time we left I had one tired and dirty little boy to take home!  We left Daddy playing in their 2nd game and headed home for a long nap!

I am happy to report that none of the guys were hurt.  They played two games...won one and lost one!  Not bad for a bunch of old guys!   I'll be back to share some snow pictures with you!

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Crazy Lady said...

Ah that is a cute story and fun you have known each other so long. Jason's dad still plays basketball in his 60s so you are never too old! Just a little slower