Wednesday, February 16, 2011


To think that last week we had snow is almost unbelievable.  Today was in the mid-60's with beautiful sunny skies! Indeed it did snow on Wednesday evening and over night.  It started just after dark and I kept running to look out of the windows whenever I could to see how hard it was snowing.  There were times that it was really hard and it was just so pretty.  Even if it was dark outside...which apparently my snow loving husband isn't as excited about snow when it is dark outside.  Me, on the other hand, I am excited about snow day or night!!! With snow brings a roaring fire to my fireplace courtesy of Justin and the combination of those two thing plus my two sweet men...this girl is just in heaven.  When we woke up on Thursday the ground was covered and everything glistened in the beauty of the snow.

tiny footprints in the snow!

peeking out to see the snow...and also saying 'coolld'
I still had to go to work on Thursday, no threat of ice on the roads.  The snow was so soft and light...different than I have ever felt before.  It was like powder.  I just loved it and wish that we could have some more.  Although, the weather today does give me a slight itch for spring.  The problem is that our spring is normally a few weeks and then the heat sets in and then all of the people that are complaining about the cold and snow will wish for just a small break in the heat that the summer brings!  I will do my best to be content and satisfied with what God serves us up for the day and season!  Lots to look forward to...

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