Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The topic of conversation around our house is...will it snow, will it snow, will it snow!  We certainly hope so.  It is well documented that Justin and I love the snow and don't mind all of the cold weather.  It usually brings amazing fires and lots of snuggling around our house.  No complaints from me.  According to the two weather notices that I've received via TXT from FoxNews states that the snow could begin tomorrow afternoon and go through the evening.  Yahoo!  Who knows what will ACTUALLY happen because it can go either way around here. 

These James lessons continue to really speak to me so much.  James will seriously make you check yourself when it comes to what kind of life you are living.   The lesson and topic of selfishness has surfaced in my life in so many ways.  It is so difficult to first realize {and admit} how selfish that I really am.  In that realization, it is hard to actually say the words out loud and confess and repent of being self consumed.  Part of true repentance is turning away completely and going in the opposite direction.  There is an internal struggle of HOW I become less selfish and walk more closely on that path so that I can truly receive the abundant life that God so desires for us.  This world we live in screams selfishness and that we must do what is best for me and live how I want to live and I should get what I want.  The reality is that God's will is not that....matter of fact according to James if we love the world we are an enemy of God.  He continues to say (v.7)"submit yourselves" and that is the answer to my how do I be a less selfish person.  James also tells us that if we (v.8)"come near to God He will come near to you."  People there it is...we don't have to go all the way.  God is there to meet us and walk beside us, carry us, protect and rescue us.  Isn't that just amazingly peaceful.  So, I struggle daily with surrendering to Him my selfish ways and the more that I think about it and realize what my thoughts are and certainly what comes out of my mouth...It is quite humbling to see just how often I have to surrender and confess of my selfishness.  I really feel God moving and speaking to me in a great way right now in my life.  So much to still learn and I can't wait to see who He continues to mold me into, all for His glory.  So that He can be the source of my joy!

Masterpiece....created on my floor
Total change of subject - Collier enjoys coloring.  This afternoon I caught him coloring our FLOOR.  Yes, right on the hardwood floor.  Apparently he prefers black floor rather than brown.  Yikes.  We'll continue to work on crayon's are ONLY for paper.  I'll have to share soon all of his new words.  I love hearing him say words on his own, is simply melts my heart!

Hope that you are somewhere that you will see some snow flurries.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know for sure what happens here.  I hope that you are staying warm weather you have snow or no snow!  And praying that God can be the source of your joy!

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