Saturday, February 19, 2011

Few Boo Boo's

With this beautiful weather we have brought out the shorts...and the shorts have brought a few boo boo's.  Collier love to run and love to throw any kind of ball.  Last week two days in a row I was welcomed with a few boo boo's to kick off the beginning of spring!  Knee's are officially scrapped up and we also got a scrapped nose and a busted lip.

swollen upper lip and scraped up nose

Even a few scrapes can't keep this little monkey from smiling...even if it is a crooked smile!
Thankfully when he fell face down on the sidewalk, somehow he didn't hit his teeth at all.  I can handle a swollen lip over busted teeth!  All of his boo boo's are healing up quite nicely.  Now, if we can just get the hair cut we should be good as new! :)

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