Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brain Dump

Serious Bed Head
Gosh to be in Alabama and have so much ice, snow and freezing rain is simply amazing.  Thursday we had another sweep of ice problems.  I don't think that anyone was prepared for it this time.   The temperatures didn't quite get as high as predicted, actually never got above freezing.  I over heard people complaining about it and how in Alabama we aren't supposed to have so many issues!  Geesh, people enjoy the change!!! I certainly do! After all, we don't have half of what the mid-west is dealing with so I'll just enjoy what we have.  Yesterday morning we had tiny little flurries but of course nothing substantial.   Although we have had lots of cloudy days so the sun shining today is quite a relief.  There is a small chance that we might get some snow this week...we'll just have to wait and see.  Justin and I are both hopefully for as many flurries as we can possibly get.

Mom kept Collier at our house on Thursday.  When I got home she had folded all of my laundry.  Vacuumed the floors and did quite a bit of straightening.   Gosh how wonderful is that?  Not only did she keep my little munchkin but also was a huge help with my house chores!  Nothing is more helpful and certainly greatly appreciated!  Thanks Mom!  You have no idea how nice it was to have your help!

Friday, Collier and I got to go and visit with some sweet friends that we don't see often enough.  It was good and fun to catch up and visit with them.  Having friends who share their love with you no matter your situation is so satisfying.  No matter if you have on the latest trends or old clothes because you couldn't figure out what else to wear.  Or the friends that can come into your house when you haven't cleaned and not think anything less of you!  It sure is nice to have those friends.  Lindsey and Hunter came over last night for dinner and I tell her this all the time....the only reason that I don't mind them coming to my house is because I know that they love me for me and not because of how clean {or messy} my house is. 

I am sort of embarrassed to admit this, but I just took down my Christmas village this weekend.   As Justin was making our fire on Friday night he made clear that he would be perfectly happy if I left it up all year long.  Needless to say I decided to take it down and reclaim my mantel as it should be.  As I put it away Justin also felt the need to remind me that it would only be 9 months before I was putting it back out!  I will admit that I do love Christmas village and I have enjoyed it and intentionally left it up this long because I did want us to enjoy it longer than just the month of  December.   Collier enjoyed plugging it in every morning and seeing the lights in the village.   But I also decided that having Valentines decorations out at the same time as Christmas village that maybe, just maybe, it was time to take down the village.  Now trying to remember what all goes on the mantel! 

Collier is also starting to use his imagination.  Oh it is so neat to watch them learn and discover.  Friday night he was playing with his blocks.  His blocks have pictures of various things on them and on each side is either a number or letter and on other sides it is something related to the number or letter.  On this one block it had 8 stars and he pretended that he was picking one off and giving it to me, and then to Justin!  It was the first time that I saw him actually pretend.  He is saying and doing so much.  Just this morning he has colored, played under the dining room table and is now playing with a flash light.  He is also throwing the 'bawl' with Brink Brink.  He tells her to 'pop' {drop} the bawl as he stomps his foot at her,  and then grabs it and throws it again. Last night ABC Family played both Toy Stories and so I recorded them and we're {I am}watching them as we {Collier} are playing.  I just love Toy Story...can you tell?

Ok, I've got to go and vacuum and shower before Collier's nap time.  I know that most people would wait until their child goes down for nap time.  But I just mentioned that I was going to vacuum and he started jumping up and down squealing in delight.   Today is the Annual Butt-Off.  So stay tuned for pictures of our day and the results of who cooked the best butt!  Justin has had 'Bertha' smok'n since about 7am this morning.

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