Monday, February 7, 2011

Seventh Annual Butt-Off

This is a serious annual event for us every year.  Justin and Poe started it as a little competition among friends on who could cook the best Boston Butt...but it has evolved into a huge party/event for who can win the much coveted trophy.  This year Poe took it away AGAIN.  I think it is three or four in a row for him and it was a total run away this year!  I will say that the competition was tough because all of them were delicious so  picking a favorite was hard to do.  In addition to the trophy and bragging rights for the best Butt we also award the worst Butt.  It was also sadly a run away...thankfully NOT awarded to my husband. Justin was crushed that he didn't get more votes than he did and I think will result in some tweaking to his recipe through the year this year!  We shall see.  It was a fun day filled with yummy food, amazing friends and lots of laughter...Oh yeah and and a Super Bowl.
Meet Bertha - Justin's cooker

It's so official we have t-shirt and they are always the coolest ever!!

Meet the 2011 Cooks

These were the 'runners' so that no know knew who's butt is who's....
They were kind enough to give their best camera presentation faces!  Aren't they such great sports.

Awaiting Judgement


Reading of the ballots


Yes, the worst is award the toilet seat trophy.  There is pride in holding this 'throne'! 

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