Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coming through the Fog

We have all had some form of this head cold that seems to be going around.  And we all still have some remains of it but seem to be coming out of it at last.

Collier woke up this morning early, I heard him talking at 6:15.  At 6:30 I heard him turn off his humidifier (that is by his bed) and then his door open, close and little running feet enter our room.  I had just snoozed the alarm and as he is crawling into our bed says
ch: I woked up from my nap, do we have nanas?
me in my groggy trying to wake up voice: yes we have plenty of bananas
ch: we go to store to get nana's?
me: no, we have plenty.  do you want to go and get one?
so we head into the kitchen. I refilled my cup of water and then proceeded to drop it and it made a huge mess -  it was still dark.  As I was cleaning up the floor, Collier was sitting on the floor asking me if I made that mess or if daddy made the mess.....'yes it was me, baby'. and he put his head down (chin to chest) and shook his head saying 'oh no dat teable, just teable'.  Me: did you just say that is terrible?  CH: yes it is.  Way too funny.  I was just glad that he woke up in a good mood..  Even if it was way earlier than he normally gets up.  Normal wake up time is closer to 7am which is much better for Momma and Daddy!

Last weekend I attended a leadership conference through the bible study I attend.  It was something that I didn't want to go to but felt that I needed to.  God knew what He was doing [well, He always does] because it was well worth it once I was there and had the time to fellowship with friends and be impacted by some really awesome leaders within this organization.   I think that I may have seen this video before, but it really stuck with me and I love it.  I love the humor as well as the truth in it.  It is hard to imagine that I am a masterpiece created perfectly by God....because believe me there is a lot of non-perfection in this child of God, wife, momma, friend, sister, daughter, etc.  But God's truth of grace and love and molding us into His image is what is humbling.  He loves us enough to want us to be His reflection.  Believe me I am not worthy of being a reflection of even His big toe but it is an honor that I can even try to be....that He created me to be! Amazing. enjoy:

This is one of my favorite songs on the radio right now, it makes me turn the volume up and sing along. waoh, oh, oh, oh!!!

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