Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last weekend I worked on a few small projects for the babies room.  Only one got completely done.  I had fun being a little crafty and am all the more thankful for pinterest.  I know that because of pinterest we are all losing some degree of being unique.  But for someone who WANT so badly to be crafty yet it just doesn't come naturally pinterest is a huge help and resource, so for that I am thankful.  All of these ideas were stolen straight from pinterest.

 Pom Poms.  I love them.  I am planning to make a few of these to hang over the crib.  I had imagined doing a whole bunch...but they were more time consuming than I had planned.  So I am going to do a combination of fabric (pictured above) and tissue paper (which I hope to be a bit easier).  I'll share pictures when I am done.  I hope that it doesn't look funny with the different textures..again I AM NOT CRAFTY..I just copy!

Do you see that pink and white stripped thing behind the pom pom?  It is going to hold that plastic frame on it and I just love it.  I just need to attach the frame to the board and find a place to hang it.  The lighting makes the pink stripes look REALLY pink but they really are closer to the pink fabric on the pom pom.  Happy with how it turned out and very inexpensive!

I just used paper, paint and modge podge to cutsy-fy this wipes box. the only completed project of the weekend.  I like how it turned out and it was quick, easy and fun.  Just the type of project I need.  I wish the fabric pom poms were as easy as this was because they are so stink'n cute!

The nursery is slowly but surely coming together. I am sure it will be close to being done when this little girl arrives into our family ... although if it isn't that is ok too... I would just rather it be MOSTLY done :)

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