Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Baby Update

Just to document:
I went to the doctor yesterday.  Just a regular and routine appointment [I am going every two weeks now].  Everything was fine.  Dr. Ross guesses this baby will be a little bigger than Collier was [CH was 6lb 9oz and 3 weeks early].  He also thinks that she will probably be a little early just like big brother, but no guess as to how early.  I've been having lots of heavy pressure under my huge belly and he seemed to think that is because she is a little bigger than CH.  My belly is certainly stretching.  It is big and it is hard to move, but I am thankful to have it!

We don't have a name...STILL

The nursery is still being worked on.  All of the furniture is in, and walls are painted.  No decorating or really putting it all together is quite done.  I have lots of ideas in my head but executing them is totally different.  Hope to accomplish some of them this weekend.

Last night I went through a huge box of clothes my SIL gave me, it is awesome to have three little girls to receive hand me downs from.  I hope to get all of the infant clothes washed this weekend.

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