Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home sweet home. Although I am glad to be home, I am sad that vacation is over. Napa and San Fran were better than I ever could have hoped or imaged. I know that the company that we had greatly contributed to the trip. I do have several thank you to extend...First, thank you to Michael and Brittany (and their families)for hosting and organizing such an amazing wedding and weekend. Thanks to the Saliba's for the rental car - that was awesome and really was so nice of yall to do. Thanks to Ashley and Brett for organizing and for traveling with us - it was absolutely perfect and of course all of the laughing was major fun. Lastly, thanks to Justin for such a fun and special trip.

We're now back home safely after an amazing vacation. We got back this afternoon and immediately jumped into responding to emails and catching up with work. Dad brought home Doc and Brinkley and it is good to see them and have them home with us. After a week at the lake full of running, swimming and rolling in the sand they desperately needed a bath.

On a different note, my tomato plants are huge and doing really good. My beef-steak tomato is finally producing some tiny fruit. My cherry tomato plant is covered and one was actually ripe and so Justin and I ate it...YUMMMMMMMMMY. It was so tasty and sweet, it made my mouth water after I had eaten it. I can't wait to have more! I also have several different pepper plants, but none have produced anything quite yet.

Back to work tomorrow, I'm not sure that I will know what to do being back to work. I miss California and especially Napa.

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Stephanie Crews said...

What a great trip! It looks like an amazing time. The wedding was beautiful. Fun! Fun! Can'wait to hear all about it.