Thursday, May 15, 2008

Singing In The Rain and Croquet

It was a very rainy and yucky day today. Since Justin is out of town, I came home for lunch to let the pups out and well Brinkley refused to come back in, apparently she loves the rain. She kept walking around with her head in the air - as if she could smell the rain - at one point it started raining really really hard and she just stood there staring at me, as I held the door open calling her inside. Nope she had different plans to stand in the rain and become soaked to the bone. You would think that she had just gotten a bath.

Now to explain the Croquet. At the wedding that we are going to in Napa we are playing croquet after the wedding (how fun is that!), therefore you must come dressed in croquet attire if you plan on playing. Of course, we're not miss this experience. Well....did you know that the official attire for croquet is all white or khaki - no blue, pink, yellow - either white or khaki with flat, soft soles shoes. No big deal, right? Well no color - white or khaki. I did find a really cute white dress to wear (it took an entire Saturday) and now onto the shoes. We did get approval on wearing flip flops - which thrills us both - AND today I found out that wedge flip flops would be fine too.....I'm thrilled. I just have to find them. I'm not a huge fan on flats (shoes), so the wedge is fabulous. I'm sure that I'll find some. As I begin to think about packing for our trip I am reminded that I am a nervous packer...especially when going to new and different places. I always worry about wearing what is appropriate for what we are doing, it is going to be hot or cold, will it be cooler at night, it is going to rain, what shoes, how much walking will we be doing, etc. I had to email Brittany (the bride) to get confirmation that the wedge shoes would be ok to play croquet and thankfully they are! OK. enough rambling about my packing anxiety. I'm sure I'll over pack as always and Justin will ask why in the world I need to take so many bags! Regardless of the packing, clothes and shoes - the trip itself is going to be a blast. I'll be posting pix as I can, so be sure to check back over the next couple of weeks.


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