Saturday, May 24, 2008

Napa - Part 1

We made it to napa and it is fabulous to say the least. We are traveling with Ashley and Brett Saliba (Justin and Brett were childhood friends) The house is awesome and the view is just amazing - actually words can not describe how beautiful it is. We are all so glad to be here. Last night Mike's parents hosted a little party that was great fun. It was good to see everyone and meet so many new people. After the party we came back home and got in the hot tub. The weather was pretty cool last night, so the hot tub was the perfect ending to a wonderful and exciting day. We didn't head to bed until around 3am (CA time).

This morning, we slept in and then headed to Cakebread winery. Absolutely so much fun. It was such a fun experience and the wines were yumilicious! Here are a few pictures from yesterday and this morning. I'm off to nap now before the rehearsal dinner. Enjoy and check back because I'm sure I'll post more as the week continues. It has already been fabulous and we've only been here one day! Simply amazing.

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