Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding and Croquet

Sunday was wedding day and it was perfect. The weather was perfect (Saturday and Monday were overcast and cold - so it was awesome that it was sunny and beautiful). The wedding looked like something out of a movie or a jcrew catalog - everyone dressed in white and khaki, there were even little umbrellas for everyone to carry to keep out of the sun. The ceremony was just beautiful and so very sweet - Brittany and Mike are a wonderful match, it has been fabulous to be a part of this special weekend with them. After the ceremony we had wine and appetizers before the luncheon started. The lunch was of course delicious and full of trash talking about who would beat who at croquet. Then onto croquet - way tooo much fun. We played in teams of two and groups of four. It was so much fun and I think that Justin could have played all day if they would have let him. Ashley and Brett have already talked about setting a set up in their backyard - it was really that much fun. After the wedding we went to a small tasting with a big group of people from the wedding.

Sunday night for dinner Ashley and Brett and Justin and I all came back into the Napa area (the wedding is in St. Helena at Meadowood Resort) and ate at the most glamorous and delicious restaurant, Cuvee. Wow, it was an amazing meal with amazing wine and fabulous and special friends. Certainly memories are being made that will last our life time. Traveling with Ashley and Brett has been a blast. We've spend most nights enjoying a drink in the jacuzzi before we crash.

Yesterday was a full day of wineary tours and tastings. We visited 4 different winaries and by the time we were done, I was almost toast! Lots and lots of wine. They were all very different experiences which is really cool!

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