Monday, May 12, 2008

What a weekend! I hope that all of you Mom's had a special and amazing Mother's Day. We went to the lake for the weekend with Mom and Dad and Chris, Amanda and Ashlyn. Mom and Dad and Justin and I all went down on Thursday night so that we had all day on Friday to enjoy. The guys played golf and Mom and I spent the day on the dock - the weather was perfect - sunny with a nice breeze. Mom and I had quite the adventure when our umbrella when flying into the lake and then sank - we got in the canoe and and tried pulling it up but that didn't work. We finally decided that we should just go swimming and after lots of laughing and effort we were finally able to successfully rescue the umbrella. Needless to say we were both glad that no one was around with a camera because we may have made the funniest video contest. The lake is still down, but not quite as bad as it was at the end of last year. Ashlyn even enjoyed some water and dock time....she even went on her first boat ride. Saturday Mrs. Pam and Mr. Charles came down to stay the night. It was great to have both of our Mom's together. Mrs. Pam certainly enjoyed having some baby love from Ash. Eventually she'll have one of her own, just not right now. Justin and I cooked our mom's breakfast on Sunday morning. We couldn't ask for better parents, and for that matter better in-laws. We have been greatly blessed with a families that all get along and we love to spend time with.


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