Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gosh time just seems to get away all too quickly. Do I say that too much on here? I feel like I do - oh well because its just the truth. Work is going well, it has been busy and I will just be honest that I'm still adjusting. I have a lot still to learn and I've been drinking from a fire hose and I have a lot of hard work ahead of me! All to say that I am enjoying learning and doing so far. I couldn't ask for more at this point. I'll be honest to have two people working out of a tiny house has been hard. Justin has worked out of the house for a while now so to have me around is an adjustment for him to. I try and stay out of his way and close my self in the office and he normally does most of his work in the den. Coordinating and communicating would be the key to his dance we're doing as "work from home" people! I actually like seeing more of him!
Collier is just still on the verge of crawling...matter of fact he did it yesterday. I had him in the bathroom while I was blow drying my hair and he did move one scooch on all fours. Today mom said that she saw him to two scooches (is that a word?) forward on all fours. He can do it, its just putting it all together in a coordinated fashion and he'll be off to the races. The other thing that he has done is starting to pull himself up......that is standing up! Tonight for the first time he did it without any of my help. The child LOVES to stand up. One more thing he did for the first time tonight was make indian sounds all by himself. I've been bouncing my fingers over his lips and he'll make sounds to sound like an indian...he did it all by himself tonight. Only it was more like he was rolling his fist all around his mouth and making noises. It was way way too funny! Well simply adorable if you ask me! I could just eat him to tiny pieces and love him more and more. I never knew it would be possible, but when I've been working all day and get to finally see him it is a satisfaction that is soothing to my soul. Brings a joy to my heart like nothing before. It is a taste of God's love and I know that we truly can not even grasp the depth of His love for us - doesn't that satisfy your soul too! It does mine.
Do you know or have you ever heard of Francis Chan? If you haven't can I please encourage you to check him out and listen to some of his sermons? He is amazing and can deliver a powerful message that will speak directly to your heart. He inspires and He teaches God's word! You can click here to go to his page of sermons and you can even subscribe to his podcast and listen to them on your Ipod or MP3 player. I've had some extra time on the road this week and try and listen to podcast while I have that time and gosh Francis just made me realize the quality of my prayer life as well as my faith in what I am praying (or lack of!). God can do ANYTHING and we are supposed to pray with faith and trust! God hears our prayers and He answers them all according to His will and purpose! I want to pray with passion and not just lay my request before God but to pray with the confidence and knowledge that God is listening to my very pray and that He will answer - even if it isn't in the way that I think/want. I'm asking God to fill my heart with joy and passion for Him. So that I can be a light and reflection of Him to this world and those around me.

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Crazy Lady said...

Shannon, very good insight about prayer, I could always do better.

Collier is dang cute (and I've seen/have lots of kids)