Saturday, January 2, 2010

Does this weekend have to actually end? We had a fun new year's eve with wonderful friends - low key and easy to cook out and just enjoy each other's company! I couldn't believe it but I actually was awake at midnight!!! Hello 2010!! We spend yesterday with more friends to watch lots and lots of football and eat lots and lots of food. Yummy but boy do I need to get back to running! That is the plan in the very near future!

This week my sweet baby reached 8 months of age! He is so stink'n cute (I'm not bias at all!) and such a good and sweet little boy. He is not crawling yet but is really trying hard. He gets to his knees rocks and then slides down to his belly. He starts pushing with his arms, which sends him backwards! He like to stand up most of all (of course holding on to you) and although he can't pull himself up he sure does try and has resulted in several falls. Nothing harmful yet! He is very ticklish under his arms and under his chin. He is still eating like a champ and his latest foods have been eggplant and butter beans this week. He also has eaten the puffs and cookies that are for little babies and likes both a whole bunch! His very favorite is yogurt still....any flavor. He has the longest eye lashes ever and that is what everyone comments on first when we are out....several people have thought he was a girl because they are so long (they are oblivious to the fact that he is in either blue or brown or both). I bought him the cutest coat this week and it is our favorite of all time. He is adorable and it just makes me want to eat him in tiny pieces. Justin said it was the best thing that I've bought for him, way too cute....see below. I also purchased his first pair of shoes and he does great in them. I was sort of worried that he wouldn't want them on his feet but doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all. So many changes and way to quick. I've been meaning to post this for the past few days but like I said before I've been a slacker.

I want to share my job news/details, but I've laundry calling my name, so I'll update tomorrow!

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