Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday Night Madness and MORE!

I'm seeking advise so please share your thoughts with me. On Monday nights I have bible study...well we all do. Mom and I go to CBS (women's bible study) and my dad and Justin go to BSF (men's bible study) and it is all on Monday nights. CBS has a nursery and an amazing children's program so Collier goes with me and mom. Did I mention that we are both part of the leadership and we have to be there at 5:30 and we are there until 8:30pm. Let me preface this by saying that I love this time (even though it seems to be a lot of time....) I love every minute of it and rely on it each and every week to get me through! Collier on the other hand does not feel the same way YET! He cries and cries and screams at the top of his lungs every week when I drop him off. The ladies are the sweetest and most patient ladies I've ever seen....they actually TELL me to keep bringing him and he will get used to it. They have to come and get me out of class to calm him down. Yall, it breaks my heart and I just don't know what to do. I know that this is probably because he isn't used to being left with strangers and if he was in day care I probably wouldn't have this problem. But he's not and so there has to be a solution to this situation. I wake up every Monday morning praying and asking God to give him peace and confidence and security. This week was better and they didn't have to come and get me - Praise God! and I just pray that each week will get easier and better. I would really appreciate your prayers on Mondays for little man as he tries to adjust. I know that one day he is going to love going and seeing these sweet ladies every week - they truly are amazing!

MOVING on.....

Literally. Collier officially crawled tonight. Well the most of one that I've seen so far. He's been scootching around for a week or two but not an actual coordinated crawl and he did it tonight. Well maybe coordinated isn't the right word because it is very awkward. He wants to stand up so bad and that is why he pushes back to his feet. Its so funny! I am obviously very proud of him so please excuse the shrilling voice!

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Gail said...

He will truly, truly get use to it all! Keep taking him, and don't allow your heart-strings to pull so badly! This...too, shall past! Prayers are answered, and he will start loving it. They all go through this and just think...Sunday School will be a piece of cake for him! It's just daunting for now. You are a great Mom and sharing your love with others is a good teaching tool for him to see! Sooo go and enjoy and feel good knowing..He is in safe hands and a Godly place! It's all good!