Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has already been a crazy week and its not quite over yet. I'm looking forward to my weekend this week and need it greatly. I woke up Tuesday morning not feeling right and before I was able to get my make up on I was throwing up. Not a good day or time for it to hit because I had a huge networking event for work all day. So, I rested, hydrated myself, gulped pepto and then forced myself to get dressed and went to the event. I am a HUGE believer in "stay away" if you have bad germs but was encouraged to make it to the event and so I did! Praying and hoping that this was just a random situation and that I wouldn't pass any bad germs to any undeserving person! I kept my hand sanitizer handy and used it often. But to say the least it swiped every ounce of energy that I had in my body. PRAISE the LORD that my MIL was here this week and she, along with my mom, were my saving grace! Not only did they take the best care of my sweet baby collier and let me rest but they also went shopping....FOR ME! What? How great is that? I am one lucky chick! They made me homemade chicken soup, made my bed, cleaned up the kitchen, washed Collier clothes and again took care of Collier so that I could catch up on some rest. Today I have felt much better and was able to get a bunch of work done as well.

Tomorrow I have another busy day which will result in me getting home late again. Justin has been really great about all of the extra hours that I've been putting in. To say the least this adjustment has been one for him as much as for me. But he is also getting some extra Collier bonding time....although I am really missing it myself!

Oh and this past weekend Justin's Dad and Step mom came up for a wedding and stopped by to visit. They surprised us with a walker for Collier. At first he would only go backwards but tonight he actually scootched forward. I'm really afraid that he is going to be more interested in walking than crawling. He is still working on both! When he is on his hands and knees, he starts to move forward and ends up pushing up on his toes....its weird! I think the cutest thing is watching him sit himself up. When he is on his tummy or on his knee's he just pushed himself sitting up and he is just so cute how he does it! Well, I actually think that he is cute just sitting there, or when he's playing and when he's eating and when he crinkles his nose and when he is asleep! He is just so stink'n cute.....But no favoritism here right?

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself though love"
Galatians 5:6b


deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

shannon, i can't wait for collier and william to meet one another and play. i am glad you are feeling better, the bug is NO FUN! i will also pray that you continue to settle into your new job and routine. give him a kiss for us!

Amy Kennedy said...

That is the sweetest little pic of Collier!! He is soooo sweet Shannon I know you could just eat him up. We all had the stomach virus over the weekend too-strange! must be going around! You are a definite trooper to get up and go to work w/it too-that is the worst! Glad you're feeling better.