Sunday, January 3, 2010


Before I share my job stuff, I wanted to share our Christmas card. I've been meaning to post it the past 2 post and keep forgetting.

My new job starts tomorrow. I'm going to be working for a company called Jackson Key Practice Solutions. They are based in Mobile and they are a reseller for a larger company called AllScripts. I'll be their new sales rep for the Birmingham area and I'll be selling their AllScripts Software to Physician Practices - the software is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management solution. It is a big deal right now for Physicians. When you go to your Doctor and he/she is entering all of your data into a PC/tablet/laptop then that means that they do not use paper charts and it is all electronic and the software that makes that possible is called an EMR and I will be one of those options. I'm very excited and also very nervous. I've never been in outside sales and in the back of my mind have always known that it is what I wanted to do but never stuck my neck out to here I go! I have a lot to learn about the product and I will spend the next few days in Mobile doing just that. God guided me through the interview process (I was greatly blessed to have a few interviews at various companies and also a few offers) and I am really turning to Him to guide me as I go into this new venture. I trust that He is with me and I am thankful that I have Him to put my trust in. God also provided me with a huge and special opportunity to spend a little over 2 months with Collier being a Temporary Stay At Home Mom and I loved every minute of it. It is going to be hard to get back into the groove and not be with him as much...I already am missing that time with him just thinking about it! Again, I'm really asking for God to fill that void. Once I get on a regular schedule and into a good routine I know that I'll be fine. But mostly I am thankful for the time that I did have with Collier and just being MOMMY! How special and sweet has this time been! Also, he is still going to be staying with my mom and what a blessing she is to spend her time caring for him....he couldn't be in better hands!

So, tomorrow brings the alarm clock going off, routines, schedules, time frames and work responsibilities. Its all so bitter sweet....a great new job - but less time with Collier....That is my struggle! I would really appreciate your prayers as I adjust back to working again and especially in a new role like this!


The Skeldings said...

Thinking of you this morning...strange isn't it?? My first thought was if Lucy was up playing in her bed and my second was you starting your job! Excited for you and I hope all goes well. You will be wonderful at outside sales!

Thinking of you!! PS - Loved the Christmas card!!

aedozier said...

You'll be great!!! Congrats and good luck!

Katherine said...

I spend to days a week reading records out of EMR. I spend another two sumarrizing records from various providers. I can not stand it if they do not have EMR. Because doctors can not write!!