Friday, June 15, 2012

3 Months

Today Kenley is 3 Months. It is passing too quickly. She is stealing my heart more and more with each passing day.  Friday's are so much fun.  Today was my first Friday in several weeks that I didn't work at all and it was fun to just hang with the kids and play and nap together!  It was really a great day.

Kenley desperately wants to sit up, when I lay her down she will lift her head up and try and pull her body. She just isn't quite strong enough. She does good with tummy time and even almost rolled over wasn't all the way over but she got her upper body over and needed a little help with her legs. She is eating great and sleeping great [Thank you Jesus...a huge answer to prayer for me].  She is still spitting up a lot even though she is on Zantac.

She loves her passey and sleeps with her lovey over her face most of the time [just like her big brother did].  She prefers to be held than in her bed or laying alone...she is rotten and I made her that way.  Mom is sort of struggling with this at times when she is sleeping and a 3 year old monkey is demanding her attention; it is sort of hard to get on the floor and play with a baby in your arms. 

Her cry is loud enough to bust your ear drum.  There are moments that she is hard to console or calm down.  She seems to get worked up most when I leave her with Justin...which means that he may be def by the time she turns one!  Although Monday night I left her with Justin and she slept that whole time, which is a first! 

Her eye's are still blue.   She also has a sweet smile and grin.  She opens her mouth wide to coo and talk when she smiles.  

This is normally how she ends her final feeding of the night...full, happy and OUT!

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