Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend my cousin Cami got married and Collier was her ring bearer.  It was such a fun weekend with family that we don't get to see as often as we wish we could.  We love spending time with them and we just never seem to have enough time to get caught up with everyone.  As we drove home Sunday I kept thinking of people that I had seen and hugged their neck but didn't really get to sit down and catch up with them.  The entire weekend was amazing!  Every event was perfectly fun and we were honored to be included in this very special day for Cami and Jason.

Thursday we arrived in Jacksonville and went to pick up his tux...aka 'super duper suit'.  Oh boy it was just too funny and cute when he saw himself in the mirror.  He was so upset when we wouldn't let him wear it out of the store...he laid on the floor in total disappointment.  He sure was sharp and seemed so big in that tiny little tux.

I think that he liked the bow-tie the least and loved the rest of it.  this was when he was just trying on the shoes and the seamstress was adjusting the pants and jacket.  Justin and I were just cracking up.

The wedding festivities started Thursday night with a casual BBQ with family and friends of Jason and Cami.  I failed to even pull my camera out of the case.  So, I didn't get any pictures.  Cami wanted to teach and do some Arabic a few of our aunt's taught and danced the dubkey (no idea if that spelling is correct). I was feeding Kenley during the majority of this so I missed out but thanks to Aunt Jeanie for capturing Collier joining in on the festivities (we have to figure out how to get it from her phone to me).  The boy certainly brought his dance'n shoes for the weekend! After they did the dubkey...he wanted to teach Madison and Blake his dance.  They were so sweet to play along since his dance is along the same dance as The Ronald Miller from Can't Buy Me Love..shaking and flinging his arms and legs. He also go to meet so many Aunts, Uncles and Cousin's that he hasn't ever met or has been since he was just born that he has seen.  He really gravitated toward a few cousin's in particular...Madison, Taylor and Blake.  He is still talking about Madison!
 this was me trying to explain to him how to hold the pillow and how to be very careful with it.  Aunt Christie had sewn real rings on the pillow because he kept talking about carrying 'all the rings'
 in true BOY fashion...he threw it all around instead of being careful and gentle with it.  Thankfully the rings were good and secure.

Friday we relaxed around Gramper's house and ran a few errands before we headed to rehearsal and dinner.  Collier got his pillow and I did all that I could to explain and practice what this whole 'ring bearer' thing was all about.  He was just mostly interested in following the girls around.  Friday he didn't get a nap and by dinner time he was running on fumes.  We didn't last very long but it was an awesome night and dinner.
 This is Taylor...she was also the Maid of Honor.
 The Bride and Groom
 The precious girl in yellow...this is Madison!
This is how we ended our night...running all around on the dance floor.  Shortly after this picture he came to me begging to go home and so we did!  All the going and festivities will wear out a little man, especially with no nap!

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