Friday, June 1, 2012

Collier's 3 Year Checkup

This post is a little late, but I have been meaning to post it for the past 3 weeks.
Collier had a good 3 year check up.  All is healthy and good.  Here are his stat's

Weight: 34LB
Height: 37"
Head: 19.5"

No shots, but they took a little blood and everything checked out perfectly.
A few weeks ago I signed a release for Collier's eyes to be checked at school and we got a form back a few weeks ago saying that he didn't pass the exam.  So I asked the doctor about it and she looked over the results and told me that we do need to have his eyes checked by a pediatric optomotrist.  She said that it has something to do with one of his eye's not responding correctly that could indicate a straying eye.  We haven't noticed anything to that affect with him.  But she said it is just better to be extra sure and extra careful, we have an appointment at Children's in two weeks.  Just to be on the safe side!

When we had Kenley I decided to switch doctors/practices.  I have been really happy with our new doctor so far.

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The Swifts said...

We are headed to eye dr. with Lizzie after results from her 9 month eye check at the docter. We couldn't get in until July! Can you imagine me keeping glasses on her? Hope everything checks out fine for Collier!