Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Skier

The last weekend that we were at the lake, our neighbor's youngest son was down with a few of his friends [they are all Auburn students] and they borrowed our two skies to ski.  Collier was very curious about them taking our skies and skiing.  He is a little monkey see-monkey do!  He started telling me that he wanted to ski.  Sometimes he just wants to do what others are doing and not really knowing exactly what it is.  For instance, the weekend before Mom was out in the water with Collier at the end of the dock.  The water is really low at our lake and so the dock is really high which is why the kids do most of their jumping from the back of the boat.  BUT, our neighbor jumped in off of the top of the dock.  Collier told my mom that he wanted to do that, climbed up the ladder and just jumped off the top with out my mom being really ready or close to where he jumped.  Good news is that he had his floaties on, so he was fine and came right up.  But Mom said that she sort of did a belly buster and is startled him a little!  He is fearless and willing to try anything he see's a big boy doing.

So, we borrowed some little skies from our other neighbor's and did some practicing [Daddy and Pops pulled them along the shore on the skies] before we put that little boy behind the boat!  Chris and Ashlyn came down just for a few hours on Saturday and Collier was on the mower with Chris when I went to get the skies from next door.  When he saw me with those skies he was off that mower quicker than I could blink...that is a complete shock because that little boy is obsessed with mowing the grass.  Here is how it unfolded!!

 And then he actually did it:

I was so excited and so proud of him.  It took all I could do to not scream and yell in excitement for him but I knew that would totally ruin the video sounding like a complete redneck.   I should have been in the boat to video, but for some reason was on shore.  But once his butt dropped the water splashed in his face too much and he wouldn't/couldn't stand back up so Justin stopped and got in the water with him.  He was a little scared but Justin told him how good he did and they got back in the boat.  He wouldn't do it again the rest of the weekend but he is still talking about it today.  I just can't believe that he was willing to try, I have no idea if he will do it again this summer or not.  But I am proud of him for being brave enough to do it one time!  At 3 year's old.

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Lindsey said...

ummm... that is AMAZING! i cannot believe he attempted to ski and did it! i'm sure it won't be long before he'll be a pro!