Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catch up

I have gotten so far behind...
Two weeks ago was grandparent's day at All-Saints.  Collier was blessed to have most of his grandparents and even his GREAT-grandmother make it.  How special and fun for him.

 Kenley got to partake in the festivities as well
Thanks you Mella, Nana, Papoo and Nunny for making the special trip.  And for Nammie for always being here for us!  We love you all.  Buzz and Pops - you'll have to make the next one!

We have also been trying to learn to share and play together!  Is this a possible leason to learn for a 3 year old?  We have taken out some 'new' toys for Kenley [aka..Collier's old baby toys].  Little did I know that Collier would be so interested in them all.  Not only does he not want to share his toys with her but he wants to play with her toys.   We are working to teach him that if he is playing with her toys he has to play WITH her...He is getting better.  It is usually one step forward and then two backwards...
 And look what else he likes of hers....yep.  Her puffs and yogurt melts.  He begs for them!

We are gearing up for Halloween.  Mella sent pieces to put together a halloween tree and Collier just loved it.  He couldn't wait to get home to 'dec-a-rate' last Friday. scary tree.  

Although I am not a big fan of anything scary, I do enjoy the fun part of Halloween in dressing up and trick-or-treating.  Plus it usually brings in the fall weather and I am a HUGE fan of that!
 This little Priss Pot got her first tooth last week.  She has done fairly good with this one...mostly crying and lots of snotty boogers.  We were glad to see that was the reason for lots of crying last Wednesday. She continues to be busy.  she is a very fast crawler, she can get across the room in a flash on her knees.  She is still not sleeping through the night.  Most nights she is up twice, although last night it was only once.   

 Sunday night they took their first bath together.  It was actually Kenley's first time in the big bath tub - kitchen sink is much easier on my back!  But this was Collier's idea.  He was already in the tub and I told him I was going to bathe Kenley in the kitchen and he told me to just let her get in with him.  Brilliant little man :)  He did really good and I think she liked it.  He played with her toys and she played with his.  I need her to be a little more stable for this to be a regular activity.  It was fun though and glad that he suggested it - it is always better when its their idea instead of me pushing it.  

That's enough for now.  I still have more to catch up on, but will continue the next few days.  

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