Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Nashville

Friday we picked Collier up a little early from school and headed to the pumpkin patch and then on to Nashville to visit with friends.

The Pumpkin patch was fun and the weather was just perfect.  Going on a Friday afternoon was perfect and way less crowded, we had hayrides all to our selves.
Do you think he enjoyed the slides?

 Sweet girl!!
 This tractor and the hayrides are what he remembered most from last year.  I wonder if the slides took over for this years biggest memory?
 The perfect pumpkin

 my sweet boys!

After we got them good and tired, we piled back in the car just in time for naps and headed to 'Nash-bill' as Collier calls it.  We watched football, ate really good, celebrated Brett's birthday and the kids had a blast with all of their girls and their toys!  I can't remember if I have shared on here before...Justin and Brett met in either Pre-school or Kindergarten and have been friends ever since. When the two of them are together they revert back to being 12 year old boys. Brett and Ashley are such fun and sweet friends to us...lots of wine and laughter is usually involved.  They have 3 beautiful little girls that are so sweet to our kiddos!  Brett is going to be Kenley's godfather!

This is their go-to look for all pictures - ridiculous 

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