Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Our annual pumpkin carving with the Simmons and Collier was so excited to have Lindsey and Hunter at his house to carve the pumpkins.  He helped sort out the seeds and scoop out the pumpkin.  Wanted to help with the knife, but maybe a few more years and he'll be able to do that part.  Kenley was up long enough to eat and then missed out on all of the fun..  Collier woke up this morning asking when Hunter was coming back to carve another pumpkin.  Thankful to have such fun friends who love us(and our messy house) and my children like they do!  Thanks Linz and Hunter!

how come us girls never make the pictures???  Need to do better to let the guys take some pictures for proof that we were there!

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