Friday, October 26, 2012

love love love

And this is why I love my Fridays: Quality time with my babies and love every minute.

 I had to bribe him to take a picture with her and once I set her down in his lap, he turned her face to him and said 'Hey cootie pieeeee'.  Melt my heart.  See he can be so sweet at times!

This weekend I am trying once AGAIN to let Kenley cry it out.  My sweet friend Deidre shared with me (from a friend of hers) that instead of thinking of it as crying it out to know that I am teaching her a skill that is so needed and in the end it is a gift to her to learn to sleep soundly.  Oh, that is awesome and so encouraging.... So we are getting all learned on the sleep thing this weekend.  At least I am praying that we will and I would so appreciate your prayers for the next few nights as we work through this.  I am praying for a restful and peaceful heart for her to learn this skill of sleeping through the night.

I had to get a few things from the grocery this afternoon and Kenley rode shotgun for the first time in the race-cart.  Collier wasn't thrilled to have to share his space with her but I think that she really liked it.

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