Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kenley Girl

Kenley girl turned 2 last weekend and we have had a full week long celebration.  It started with cupcakes, candles and balloons and it has wrapped up with a beautiful afternoon at Compass Lake with [some] of her Grandparents. It was fun celebrating and teaching about birthday.  She and Nammy perfected singing Happy Birthday and it is the sweetest thing ever!  Plus we have blown out lots and lots of candles - learning to blow out candles is also lots of fun!  She is very proud of being 2.  When we ask 'how old are you' she olds up 5-10 fingers and yells twwoooo - lips puckered up and all!

Mom and I were talking the other day about the day we found out that we were having a girl....I laid on the sonogram table and cried tears of joy and excitement.  Justin looked at me like I was crazy.  I never thought I would have a little girl and really expected to only have boys.  But God specially picked this sweet baby girl to bless our family.  I love being her Mommy because she is tender-hearted and is quick to say sorry with hugs.  I even love being her Mommy when she doesn't get her way she slams herself on the floor and hits and swats at anything in sight and even when she stomps her feet if she doesn't want to do something.  She is very strong willed and she knows what she wants.  She is very independent. It can be hard at times to be her Mommy because she does keep us on our toes...and she is a bigger challenge then I ever could have imagined....and yet is the very challenge I am proud to call mine.  I love to hear how she pronounces certain things and when she tries to repeat almost everything that I say.   She melts this Mommy's heart because she adores Collier - she calls him 'CalCal'.  I love to sit back and watch how she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger and she knows she gets her way very easy with him - I knew that one day if we had a little girl that his heart would melt into a puddle and in fact it has!  When she snuggles and nuzzles with her lamby LuLu lovie and her pacey, it makes me want to do the very same with her...and the extra added bonus is when she allows me to get that  snuggle and nuggle with her.  I love being her Mommy that gets to sway and swing or rock her just before she falls asleep at night.  And that I get to be her Mommy that sings Jesus Loves Me at the moments she needs to relax to nap. I love being her Mommy because it means that I kiss boo-boo's and make them all better.   I love being her Mommy because she is the sweetest thing!  I love being her Mommy because she is a special gift from God and I am so thankful to have her as my super special and super beautiful daughter!

She is mostly potty trained - sometimes she is a half second late in letting us know she needs to go.  But for the most part she is doing great with very few accidents.  
She is working on her colors but right now everything is BLUE
She can count to 10 and when she gets to 10 it is a huge celebration - YEAH!!!!
Her favorite food is crackers - all kinds.  Nina's (Bananas), french fries  and cookies  - you know all the healthy stuff.  Sometimes she'll eat a chicken finger or hotdog, carrots or apple.  Yogurt and apples sauce are a usual yes but not always.  She is very particular and unwilling to TRY anything out of the normal.  She turns her nose up at ice cream because she won't even taste it to see how delicious it really is.  But she can eat a popsicle without sparing a single drip. And Although she doesn't exactly eat well, she is a snacker which brings us right back to her very favorite...crackers.  No surprise she doesn't eat dinner!  
She is an excellent sleeper - and I have just stopped putting her in her sleep sac at night.  So she is now officially sleeping like a big girl with a blanket [and about 5 other lovies, blankies and animals].  She still naps twice a day majority of days.  

So much fun getting to celebrate the life of our Kenley girl.  Now time to get ready for the next birthday up...Collier will be 5 in 5 short weeks!

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