Saturday, March 1, 2014

Where to go from to restart??

I got a super sweet email from my Aunt Jackie saying that she has missed my blog posting.  I am feeling the love and glad to know that someONE may still read my blog.  Well, at least I know my family does!  And honestly I have really missed blogging.  I've missed keeping up with documenting fun things that occur in our every day life.  I will admit that I have logged in about a dozen times but feel over whelmed about where to start.  I kept thinking in January that I wanted to do a quick Christmas photo-only recap post but that clearly didn't get done.  Then I was going to do a big post on our Annual Butt-Off because it is loads of fun and it has been 10 years now that we've been doing it.  Plus Justin won for the 2nd year in a row!  As you can tell that one never got done either.  Plus all of the snow and ice events that have occurred in Birmingham - I have pictures galore but clearly no post to show that either.

Bottom line, is that I want to blog and I think about various post but sitting down to do it is tricky.  I love it when I do, but the fact is that I haven't been doing and time seems to run low!  So, here is to a new effort.  I may not have many words to share but I want to do better with pictures and do better with keeping up with what we are up to.  I have a big family and I would love for them to keep up.  Facebook and Instagram are my biggest avenue's of social media but I want to get back in with my blog as well.

I am going to take the pressure off myself and not try and 'catch up' but just move forward!

I love February because it is a month of celebrations for us.  This week I got to celebrate 8 years of marriage.  It is crazy that it has been 8 years because 8 seems long but it doesn't feel like long at all. And then I think about forever and wonder what life will be like when we celebrate many many years down the road!   I can't imagine (and wouldn't want to) life without Justin.  As we crawled into the bed early on Tuesday night...I told Justin '8 years ago right now we were boogieing on the dance floor as Bride and Groom'. Oh what fun.  And I always wake up the following morning thinking about when we boarded our flight to our honeymoon and I told him that it was the best birthday present I could ever ask for!  I got to marry the man I forever birthday gift! We got a whole weekend alone last weekend at Compass Lake - thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us have it for the weekend and a big thanks to Pam and Charles for taking on the kiddo's for the long weekend.    Then for my birthday, I got a nice warm fire (the temperatures dropped low this week) and Mom cooked delicious shrimp pasta.  It was a perfect evening with my family!

I am officially excited about blogging again.  We have a big weekend and I can't wait to share more!

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