Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunny, Bright and Busy

We had amazing and beautiful weather this weekend and I loved it.  We are not finished with the freezing and cold weather (the HIGH tomorrow is 41) but I enjoyed the weekend while it lasted.  The sun was out and the temperatures were up.

But we had two big task this weekend.  First, potty training started with Kenley girl.  Second, T-Ball started for Collier man.

Kenley has done so good, after she soaked and dirtied her first 4 pair of panties, I was questioning if this was a good idea...if I was starting way too early!  But, I stuck with it and fought through the urge to give up!  Instead, I encouraged, cheered potty successes, cleaned and sprayed and washed and took a big sigh of relief when she started getting it.  We have had HUGE success with #1 but #2 is still to come.  She will tell us she has to go poo-poo and we'll sit on the potty but she won't do it.  as soon as I put her panties on she'll go.  I'm not complaining because she is at least telling us and trying.  It may just take her a little longer than it did Collier.  But then again, with Collier I was able to stay home for a whole entire 3 days.  She hardly got a full day because we had dinner plans Saturday night and church today plus t-ball practice.  So, not a whole lot of dedicated home time to exclusively focus on the potty training.  I know she'll get it!  Plus those little cheeks in tiny panties are so cute!
Saturday, Collier and Justin went to buy cleats and he LOVED it.  He come home so proud of his new cleats, put them on and immediately went to the backyard to practice.  He could not have been more excited. But today was the actual first practice and he did great and had a blast.  He has one friend from his class, Brooks, that is on his team.  He knows a few others from church and school.  It is a precious team and we are looking forward to a fun first season!

Kenley even got in on the baseball fun!

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