Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I thought that I would share this email.  I sent it this morning to by CBS (Community Bible Study) core group and I thought that I would share...or extend the same challenge to more than just my core group. God is doing a mighty work in my heart in the past several months and I desire and depend on my daily quiet time as he continues to work on me.  I know that He has drawn me closer to Him and makes a difference in my daily life because of the relationship that He is developing in me!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies,
As I was in prayer for you this morning it was laid on my heart to reach out and challenge you.  Today beings the Lenten season.  Ash Wednesday, a day that we remember that we are but ashes and to ashes we will return.  In that we have hope of eternal life in Christ.  And I know that some (per our conversation on Monday) will be giving up something for me, sweets!  But I want to push you a little further - and this is if you are giving something up or not - to give up your time to Christ.  To set aside everyday at least 30 minutes of quiet, devoted and intentional time to God. Everyday.  It may mean that you have to sacrifice sleep or exercise or tv show or time on the phone with friends/family.  But, the bottom line is that He promises that as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.  I read this in an article about lent and put is in a great perspective to me:
 Finally, fasting has a way of centering us and reminding us what is most important. We have a lot of competing priorities in life. We don’t fast for God’s sake. It is a discipline given to us for our benefit. Fasting points us to what is most important. It helps us to keep the first things the first things. This is why we see the early church enter a time of fasting prior to making a big decisions (see Acts 13:2–314:23). Fasting helps us better discern God’s priorities for life and ministry.

We all have different 'competing priorities' in our life and we can all give a really good and justifiable excuse of each priority that is set before us.  I am praying that you will set your priority on Him and growing in your relationship with Him.  I know that we all love CBS because it does keep us in God's Word - and would be a great thing to do in your quiet time.  If you want some other suggestions or idea of how to spend your 30 minutes let me know, I will be glad to share some suggestions of things that I am doing. Or just open your bible and read away!!

The below article is a great read with a challenging view of what you might be giving up for lent.  I am giving up sweets, but I will be honest, that is really about me!  Not about God.  So, there are a few things from this list that I am going to really surrender to God - specifically Gossip, Comparison & Worry .  These things I will be laying at God's feet in my quiet times to allow Him to work on in my life.  I am going to pray and work hard to keep my focus on Him - instead of on me!  I hope that you'll have a few minutes and read this article.  I hope that you will take on this challenge to be quiet and be still daily with him during this Lenten season.  I would love to know if you are up to that (and I'll keep it between you and me)....I would love to hold each other accountable and will also be sure to pray your time will be fruitful that you are willing to give to Him.  

Love you all and see you on Monday!

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