Friday, July 13, 2012

4 Months

Kenley is 4 months today!  We had her 4 month appointment this week, it was a great appointment and everything checked out perfectly.  The girl is growing people!  She weighed 14.5LB which put her in the 60th percentile and measured 25.25" long which is in the 90th percentile for height!  No worries with this little one growing and developing.  She has met and exceeded all of her development stages that they ask at all of the appointments.  She coo'd and smiled for the nurses and doctors and then the shots came and it was all O.V.E.R!  She slept pretty good the rest of the afternoon but then she was up and very unsettled and fussy [as in screaming].   I could tell she was in pain, and it breaks my heart.  I was pumping tylenol in her as often as I am allowed, bless her little heart!
Collier also went with me to this appointment.  This is the first time he has gone to one of her appointments [actually the first time I've taken both to the doctor at all].  He was just along for the ride.  But I told him that Kenley was going to have to have shots and he asked a lot of questions about them. Why does she have to have shots?  What will the Doctor do?  What will happen?  Does it hurt?   But when we got in the room and he realized that it was almost time for her to get shots he started to get sort of upset and his expression was very worried.  I told him he could stand in the hall if he needed to and didn't want to see the shots.  When the nurse came in with the shots he bolted for the door.  she told him he could stand out there and I could hear the Nurse Practioner talking to him, she was so sweet.  But he was so worried about Kenley and the shots and how and why they hurt her!  So sweet hearted, he is really starting to come around and maybe even starting to love her!

Here is the rundown of Kenley at 4 months:

  • Exclusively breastfeeding - eats about every 3 hours
  • Sleeps about 7 hours at night - still waking up around 3am-4am to eat but thankfully goes back to sleep until about 7:30am>
  • She is still in the bassinet right next to my bed...this certainly makes that early morning feeding easier for me.  Once she is in her bed, I will have to actually get up out of my bed>
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes
  • Rolling over - both directions and loves tummy time
  • Sits in her bumbo, jumpy and exasaucer very well
  • Spit up is still at a high level - taking Zantac for reflux [not as bad as Collier was]
  • She does like her passey...although she is sucking and chewing on her fingers a lot
  • Giggling - she just started this week giggling when you tickle her toes.  She has moments when you are talking to her that she will laugh, but this is the first of her giggling at being tickled.
  • Full of smiles and loves for anyone to look at her straight in her face and talk to her, she will coo back.  
  • Likes to take a bath and kick and splash - makes a huge mess in the kitchen.  But I am loving giving her bath's in the kitchen sink.  We couldn't do that with Collier because our sink was divided and too small, but since we redid the kitchen counter tops and got the bigger sink it is awesome.
  • She has started to reach and grab what she is reaching for...this is new just this week.  She has been trying to reach for about a week but was able to grab a few things this week.  Very fun and so proud when she does.  Especially the toys on the exasaucer and bumbo.  

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