Monday, July 2, 2012

Mommy Duties at Work

Since I am back at work and not with Kenley through the day, I am pumping at work.  It is always interesting because I work in an office with mostly men [only 3 girls].  And to make the situation even more complicated all of our office's have a narrow floor to ceiling window next to our door out into the hallway...Privacy, not so much!  We do have a small private bathroom but I really hate to occupy it for 20 minutes at a time several times a day.  So, I had Justin come and install a shade over my office window and I just close it and put a HUGE sign on the door saying not to enter.  I also slide a chair behind the door [no locks on the doors] - just in case.  I also have two large windows to outside but the glass on the outside of our building is reflective - it looks like a mirror, so I never close my blinds because I know that no one can see in.  EXCEPT if it is darker outside than inside and you have a light on you can see through the reflective glass...and well today was dark and rainy and I got myself all situated and pumping away and suddenly I looked outside and realized how dark it was.  I froze.  I saw one of our employees standing at his car right outside my window.  I put my head down, praying he didn't look toward the building,  thinking I may could duck lower than the window sill.  Nope.  So I slid down out of my chair on to the floor.  oh and let me add; I don't have a hands free pump.  I am trying to keep everything on, if you know what I mean,  plus have the pump in my lap.  All I can think...'did he see me and could he tell/see what I was doing?'  YIKES.  I am still not sure.  When I left for lunch I drove by my window to see what I could see from the parking lot into my office...thankfully I couldn't see anything in.  But it had stopped raining by this time too. Needless to say the blinds are tightly closed now, no matter the weather :)  Geez!

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Crazy Lady said...

awesome story, you are tough do to that way to go