Sunday, July 15, 2012

Collier's Pix

We gave Collier one of Justin's old blackberry phones that no longer has service.  His very own "done' [all of his F sounds are d which is very dunny sometimes].  I showed him how it could take pictures and he loves that he can take is very own pictures.  He'll take a picture of something and hold the phone straight out with so much pride to show us and say 'look momma it's:
my sippie
 my shoe
 my calclator
Kenwey's pas
 Daddy's dashwite
 there I am
 dere's the inside of your cup
 Daddy...say cheese
 Daddy''s Doot
 Dere's my gun
 My goggles
 Dere you are with Kenwey
 Momma say cheese
 dere I am[again..there is just not enough room on this blog to post all of the pictures he takes of himself.  Just like his DADDY....
 Kenwey's toys

He told us to sneeze in these and let him take our pictures:blurry but funny that he made us fake sneeze so that he could snap our picture. 

It makes us laugh at the pride that he takes in all of his pictures.  I think that the fact that it is HIS 'done' and that he can do it all by himself and I won't tell him no about using it or taking pictures.  We have had to delete a few since he has captured Justin peeing and me with Kenley just about to eat. Such a silly little man...

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