Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Trip

We scurried down to the beach for a long weekend that was actually way to short.  I realized that I need a week at the beach, a weekend isn't enough time for me to really enjoy it with the kiddo's!  Justin's brother rented a house for the week at St. George Island and we joined them the last weekend they were there.  Along with Mella and Buzz.  The only bad part was that it was over cast and rainy most of the was beautiful the morning that we left!

Mella and Buzz bought the kids kites.  Collier loved running with it and he was entertainment for several families on the beach watching his effort and enthusiasm.  Buzz worked hard and long to get the kite to fly BUT collier would turn around (with the wind) and the kite would crash down.  I think Buzz was starting to feel defeated but Collier was having a blast just running with the kite.  As long as he ran into the wind the kite would catch a little before he turned and it crashed into the sand.  Collier would run and yell 'wahooo I'm dying a kite'

 When they did get it up high and flying, collier still wanted to run with it.  Buzz tried to explain how he could just stand and hold/fly the kite.   But Collier still wanted to run and so he did! and loved every minute of it.

The guys spent a lot of time fishing from the beach which means that Collier also needed to fish.  The funny thing is that Justin would cast Collier's fishing pole down the beach at the waters edge and Collier would run after it and case the 'bait' as Justin reeled it in.  It was both entertaining and energy draining.
Mella, Buzz and Kenley

This cutie was there of course!  I could just eat her up and love to see her flash the sweetest smile I have ever seen!  Such a sweet natured baby..
 Kenley only napped one afternoon on the beach in Mella's lap...
 She spent the rest of the time rolling around in the tent.  I forgot to take her an extra outfit so when she filled up her diaper the only thing I had was Collier's tshirt which reads 'Sister for SALE'. Thankfully she was happy just being on the beach,even though she wouldn't nap.  For the record, I also tried to get Collier to nap in the tent on the beach and he wouldn't/couldn't - too much going on, so he had to go back up to the house.  
 We [I use that term loosely..should be the guys] tried to teach Collier to crab hunt.....
 They caught one crab and then he saw fireworks [way way far away..couldn't even hear them] and he flipped out, covered his ears and screamed for me to take him back in side.  He is terrified of fireworks. But Justin, Ryan, Eve and Buzz still continued and they caught a bucket full. I really hated that Collier missed out because Justin said it was a lot of fun.
the morning we left...Kenley woke up at 5:30am.  We sat outside for a while before I decided I better get to the beach before everyone else woke up and started packing.  Sweet time with my baby girl

 This was the best we could do with the kiddo's..and yes M&Ms were involved to get them to cooperate!  We do what we can...

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