Saturday, July 21, 2012

My sweet little toes, jumping and sitting up

She has found her sweet little toes.  Or as Collier will say 'her deet'.  She did it for the first time last he  middle of the night.  This is twice now that she has done something in the middle of the night [rolling over and now grabbing her feet] that I have only caught because she is next to me in her bassinet.  .  

 She is loving her jumparoo....she bounces like crazy and it wears her out.  She will normally take a good nap after a little time in her jumparoo.
 It is usually hard to take pictures because she is bouncing so fast....if you could see her face it is nothing but smiles and giggles.
She has wanted to sit up now for about 2 months, but clearly she isn't quite strong enough even though she wants to be. Here she is looking and watching herself in her mirror after the bath the other night...sitting up so strong and good. Such a sweet little baby girl!

oh and for the record, she is drooling and gnawing on her fingers like crazy.  I have no idea if she is teething. Collier was very late in getting in first tooth [I need to look back, but I think it was close to 9-11 months] and hope that it is still a little longer before she starts.  She may even be starting to teeth...and it could still be a few months before she does get her first tooth!  At least I hope so. :)

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