Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yeppers...my latest  favorite media obsession is Instagram. (sceleste226) All of these social media, blogs and pinning boards are really enough to occupy a full time job.  Mommy plus real job doesn't leave much time right now but in the little free time I do I have I enjoyed Instagram.  Are you on it? Please leave me your name and I will love following you!!!!
Here are a few of my favorite

Saturday morning Justin mowed the grass in blazing hot temperatures.  Collier only lasted about 20 minutes due to the heat.  He loves to help and especially mow!  He was sure to wear his 'visor hat' just like daddy too.

CH and I went to the pool on Friday and only got out long enough to have a sip of juice...it was so hot this weekend.

Sweet Kenley...Aunt Linz gave this precious dress to her!

Smiling and giggling

on our way home from Jacksonville.  It was definitely a jammie day.  He snuggled with Ginger and Maurice during his naps on our long trip back home after all the wedding festivities

This is his highlight and reward anytime we go to lowes or home depot. Am I the only mom who lets their little one drive all the tractors? He moves from one to another 'driving' each one and pushing the buttons and levers.  I am sure the employee's appreciate this :)  He loves it and it usually makes my trips much easier.  

Cowboy Collier

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