Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rolling through the 4th

Early Saturday morning Kenley was stirring and I sat up to check on her and she was on her tummy with her arms under her ans head held high...what in the world.  She rolled over from her back to tummy for the first time in the middle of the night. I didn't even get to cheer her on. I rolled her back over and by morning she was rolled over again and sound asleep - almost face down. Justin made me turn her back over, but I think that she likes sleeping on her tummy.  Almost 4 months and rolling over.

Kenley loves tummy time and has never really fussed about it.  Collier hated it from the very first time I ever placed him on his tummy.  Which may be why he was so late to roll and even crawl.  I can't find when Collier rolled over for the first time, it may be because he really never did.  He could but didn't because he screamed any time I put him on his tummy.  

We spent July 4th at the lake and it was a little tricky since the 4th was in the middle of the week, but we were so happy to get to be down there...thanks for having a really awesome and flexible employer who will let me work from anywhere from time to time!  We went out on the boat for most of the fireworks, Collier hasn't really loved fireworks up to this point.  We thought being out on the boat would be better and not so loud.  We stayed out as long as he would let us and then he was just ready to go back home...our time was really bad.  As soon as we got off the boat Justin noticed that our neighbors were about to start theirs... Mom rushed Collier up to the house, as I walked up the front steps they lit the first one and it was as loud as a cannon [not that i've had any exposure to cannon's but would expect them to be very loud].  It rattled our house it was so loud...Pretty and fun but loud...well Collier lost it, completely freaked out and was terrified.  He made my mom get under her covers in her bed with his DVD/movie going.  As soon as those were done a few houses down started and somehow those were even louder than our neighbors.  Needless to say Collier was a tense mess before they were all over. Anytime I opened the door to check on him he cried for me to close the door.

We spent the rest of the weekend in the water or inside. Lots of swimming, splashing and boat rides to pass by the very hot days.  We desperately need rain at the lake because it is so low.  It is getting almost too low to even put the boat in the water, which makes me so sad.  I have never seen the lake this low [Chris says he has] but we are praying for a good hard rain to fill up our little lake.  

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