Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alabama ABC's

Sunday morning Collier was waiting for my Mom to come and pick him up so that he could go and mow the grass and do yard work with my Dad.  I told him that maybe if we say our ABC's then Nammy would be there. After the third time of going through them he told me that I would need to help... 'you help with the awabama part'.  I was a little confused and quickly figured it out...so listen carefully:

Did you catch that...J K awabama P ...  He seems to leave out the Q and W X Y Z.  But I know that he'll get it soon enough.
It was sort of hard to catch and it was about the 5th time we had gone through and be able to actually capture and hear what he was saying.  I was cracking up.  I honestly didn't realize that he knew most of his ABC's when I suggested that we say them, I was just trying to think of something that may take a few minutes until Mom arrived.  He just keeps becoming a big boy.  He starts back to school next Wednesday.

Here are a few of Collier's favorites at 3Years 3Months:
-Favorite Shows: Tom&Jerry, Curious George
-Favorite Foods: fruit, pizza, pimento cheese, nilla waffers, lucky charms for breakfast, yogurt
-Favorite Drink: Sprite...although he only gets it on occasion!
-Favorite things to do: mow the grass or any 'work/task'.  spray bottles to clean his car or windows, wet his hair, etc.  likes to paint more and more, throw and kick balls and of course playing guitar
-Favorite thing to say: 'lets go see'.  When I ask him what he wants to eat or drink he will tell me to go see. I assume he is wanting to see what his options are.
-Favorite Book: Go Dogs Go.  His latest is Little Critter's Easter.  The week before it was Mine-a-sour
-He sleeps with his little lantern on every night, plus Maurice, Ginger and Digger..still rubbing their tag on his face.  If he gets a boo-boo he rubs the tags on his boo-boo to make it all better!
-He doesn't do good with transitions - even the every day ones.  When I get to Mom's to pick him up he doesn't want me to be there and doesn't want to go home.  When Mom comes to our house to pick him up he doesn't want her to be there and doesn't want to go to her house.  He says he doesn't want to go to church and then does great going into his class and proceeding into the church with the children.  Which should make getting back to school interesting.  I am praying for confidence in getting started back...he was still hanging on to me at the end of the year last year....
-He is very afraid of Thunder and Fireworks - and any loud noise really bothers him.  Not sure why he is sensitive to loud noises because he can be so loud himself!
-He is really funny and keeps us all laughing at the things that he says and does.  He feeds off of laughter....just like his daddy does!
-He is so sweet to snuggle when I lay in the bed with him at night or in the mornings.
-He just keeps growing and getting big...I tell him that he can't grow any more and he tells me that he has to grow big and strong so that he can 'drive pops boat'.   So sweet and precious and a true blessing!

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