Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cereal, Sleeping and a Hair Cut

Tuesday I started Kenley on rice cereal.  I really wanted to wait until 6 months but with all of the sleepless nights this was my final attempt and last resort to try anything to help this little priss pot sleep through the night.  She really liked the cereal and every bite was followed by a little finger sucking. She already keeps her fingers in the mouth, so a little finger licking with each bite of cereal seemed to work good for her. She wanted more when it was all gone! 

She had cereal Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and was up 2 and 3 times.  Thursday she had a very bad day with Nammy and did a lot of crying and not as much sleeping.  She was better when we got home but still didn't sleep.  I didn't give her any cereal [mostly because I didn't have time with cooking our dinner] and guess what....she finally slept all night!  I was in shock at 4am and she had not cried through the night.  I must have been from the lack of sleep and all the crying  during the day [Nammy's poor ear's.....have I mentioned the girl cries/screams loud!] because last night she was up twice again...midnight and 4am.   I have just come to terms with the fact that she is not the sleeper that Collier was and that in her right time she will get it.  I've tried letting her cry it out and honestly I cant't stand to let her cry longer than 20 minutes and by 20 minutes she is screaming so hard and so loud that the entire house is awake.  I just continue to pray that God show me what to do and to be the mommy that Kenley needs me to be.  It can be a struggle because I want to compare her with Collier and even other 5 month olds but I am resting in the fact that God created her and there may be some good reason that He wants me up with her - holding and feeding her.  It is a blessing and I know it will pass before I know it. 

Thursday also marked 5 months for Kenley.  She is so close to crawling that it is scary.  She gets up on her knee's and rocks and then pushes up to her feet and then back down to her tummy.  She also has been pushing herself up to the sitting position but she still isn't strong enough to sit up all by herself.  She can for a few seconds before she falls over.  She is so strong though and is rolling and army crawling to get around enough to satisfy her.  She is still loving her jumpy and jumping like a crazy girl. 

Friday Collier got his hair was way long over due.  He was a bit of a shaggy mess!  But he is all cleaned up and handsome now!


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