Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conversations with Collier

Few weeks ago we went to get Collier's hair cut, as I mentioned before it was way over grown and in much need of a cut.  He cried all morning that he didn't want to get his hair cut and he loves and adores Mrs. Ginger who cuts his hair.  Not sure why he was so against going but here was our conversation on the way:

CH: I not want to go get my hair cut
Me: Why not buddy
CH: because I don't
Me: You love Mrs. Ginger
CH: she has scissors and she is going to cut my hair
Me: Yes sir
CH: I don't want her to
Me: why not
CH: I don't want her to cut ALL my hair off like Pops [referring to my dad]
Me: [laughing really heard] oh no, i'm going to tell Pops you said that
CH: [laughing at me laughing] yeah, Pops only has a little hair
Me: that is right
CH: but he has lots on his tummy
Me: [laughing hysterically]

When I told my dad he asked if he really meant his chest....yes but he just refers to all of it as his tummy.  Very funny.  And of course he did great once he saw Ginger and I had assured him that she wouldn't cut it all off like Pops!  We'll be sure not to go to the lady that cuts Pops hair ;)  He just continues to make us laugh at his though process.

My other favorite is his reference to time is so far off.  He calls yesterday tomorrow.  He refers to just a few hours away as tomorrow.
As he is going down for his nap: 'what we go'na do tomarwo?'
In talking about something he did yesterday: 'I already did that tomarwo?'
In talking about something we are going to do in the future: 'we go'na do that yest'rday'
It is really cute and I hate to correct him because I think it is so cute and funny...but I know that is part of the learning and want him to have the right time frames!

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